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System Data

The capability to recover from any loss in systems integrity is a necessity for all organisations, but a reality for very few. Typically, only the largest, wealthiest organisations could purchase the essential equipment and implement the meticulous backup and restore procedures required to protect a corporate computer infrastructure in its entirety. Predictably, this left smaller, growing firms to piece together disparate (although more economical) components in an attempt to ensure their increasing list of dissimilar hardware and software systems—servers, workstations, laptops and operating systems—were at least semi-recoverable. Until now. What’s needed today is an all-in-one approach to rapid systems recovery integrating data protection, system recovery, and application recovery along with a singular user interface spanning multiple operating systems and backup locations (local and vaulted storage). Systems requirements also include point-in-time file, system and application recovery while working within the realities of a firm’s short backup window.


SafeServ - Rapid Recovery System™; SafeServ is a complete system for data protection, system recovery, and application recovery in a single user interface that spans multiple OS and office locations. It’s an all-in-one systems approach to business continuity ... not a series of point solutions. The true value of SafeServ Rapid Recovery System is realised when an organisation implements an inclusive strategy protecting its operating systems, applications and supporting data at every point, at both on-site and off-site locations. Under the SafeServ Rapid Recovery System, desktops are networked into on-site servers, which are networked into Data Protection Units™, or DPUs.

Snapshots of these servers’ operating systems, complete with passwords, permissions and settings, are routinely taken at user-defined intervals (without the need to first shut down the servers) and sent to the DPUs. Multiple DPUs, located throughout a company or across multiple sites, can be linked to an off-site Data Protection Vault™, or DPV.
The changed DPU data is transmitted automatically, via electronic data vaulting with triple encryption using Secure Data Sync™, to the DPV. What is rapid systems recovery? Rapid systems recovery is the capability to easily and quickly return any computer system (server, desktop or notebook), regardless of operating system, to its state prior to the loss of a file, registry, password, application or the entire hard drive. Rapid Systems Recovery requires a simple, yet powerful user interface for controlling the regime of data backups as well as live system and application snapshots (called Bare Metals).
Rapid Recovery - the All in One Approach Rapid Recovery is the manifestation of an approach referred to as Business Systems Continuity. Sentral are one of only a few in the industry with this all-in-one systems approach. The Rapid Recovery System enables companies to get back in business at every level, from an individual email or spreadsheet to a complete server. The file or total server is easily recovered from the server protected by the on-site DPU.

System Data

Sentral provides the single resource for focused organisations that seek to rapidly and securely backup and store not just highly-sensitive customer data, but all of the computer systems used to serve their trusting clients around the clock. There's no question that spending days or weeks without your critical business data and vital business systems is an extraordinary risk. That's why Sentral helps businesses of all sizes defend against the loss of their corporate-critical data and ensure the accessibility of the information, applications, and operating systems that keep them in business every day.
Sentral provides high-speed, cost-effective and easy-to-use business recovery solutions in the form of an integrated hardware and software appliance: The SafeServ Data Protection Unit. No other full-featured business systems recovery solution like it exists in the marketplace. Our solutions enable high-value data protection and business continuity at a price where even the smallest of businesses can benefit from this advanced technology.
Disaster Recovery In the event of hardware failure, natural or man-made disasters or software failures caused by viruses, worms or mal-ware, Sentral’s SafeServ hardware appliance complete with proprietary software technology allows virtually any system — regardless of OS — to be recovered rapidly, back to a desired point in time. SafeServ delivers a turnkey solution for Continuous Systems Protection, disk-to-disk high-speed data backup and recovery, off-site electronic vaulting, and automated systems recovery. In addition, the Rapid Recovery System™ supports over 25+ operating systems.

Rapid Recovery - the All in One Approach

While many companies offer this level of file recovery, no other supplier can also use this same system for recovering from a complete server crash due to a hard drive failure, corruption by worms or mal-ware, or recovering from an OS patch which renders a system unbootable. When the server crashes, it also can be quickly recovered from the DPU in as little as thirty minutes or less. Recovery includes the OS, the applications, and the data ... everything required to get “back to business” as quickly as possible, just as it was before the system failed. More importantly, should an organisation’s entire site fail, whether from a natural or man-made disaster, the company can recover the operating systems, applications and data in order to quickly resume business functions, since the Rapid Recovery System has been continuously transmitting data to an off-site DPV.
While an organisation can benefit from the point purchase of a DPU or DPV, the true value comes from implementing the complete on-site/off-site Rapid Recovery System, delivering a level of business systems continuity to SMEs which was once only available to the largest, wealthiest organisations.

Quickly Back in Business
The SafeServ Rapid Recovery System enables companies to get back in business at every level: when a user loses or corrupts a spreadsheet, for example, the file is easily recovered from the server protected by the on-site DPU.

So what does Business Systems Recovery Solutions mean to you?
Aside from faster backups, faster restores, and greater storage capacity for your money ... it means you can rest easy knowing your most valuable business assets - your business data and business systems - are fully protected. Sentral provide high speed, cost effective and easy-to-use business recovery solutions to small and medium sized businesses through their integrated hardware and software appliances. These solutions enable high-value data protection and business continuity at a price where smaller businesses (as well as departments in larger organisations) can benefit from the advanced technology.
If preferred, Sentral’s network of System Integrators can also supply VPN connections and host DPVs so that clients only pay for the amount of data stored, so avoiding the purchase of a DPV. If required, a Sentral Integrator will also manage a customer’s DPUs and DPVs.

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