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What makes SafeServ technology unique?

The ability to fully restore as many as 20-30 servers – regardless of OS – in a matter of minutes – utilizing one system and a single button click. …That’s something no one else can do.

Safeserv solution differentiators
    • Packaged Solution – Robust Software with the Server Included
    • Bare Metal Crash Recovery – Included
    • Full Feature File Level Backup and Restore – Included
    • All Client Agent Software - Included
    • Simple Capacity Based Licensing – NO per Client charges
    • RX9 Technology Hardware Compression
    • Fast Disk-to-Disk Backups and Restores – Shrinks Backup Windows
    • 1 Manufacturer for complete solution Ease of Support
What “they” are saying about Unitrends DPU

"a company can recover in a single step"
Taneja Group

"a smart investment for many SMBs"
Small Business Computing

"Business continuity has largely been the domain of big companies, but data-protection vendor Unitrends this week unveiled system-recovery technology at a price point that should help small and mid-size companies recover operational data as quickly as their larger counterparts should a system outage result from natural, man-made, or electronic disasters."

"I like the fact you're taking the perspective that (the Rapid Recovery System) is not about storage; that will resonate (with customers). Most of the solutions we see today are jerry-rigged. Yours is an integrated, tighter solution."

"it's an integrated system, so we don't need to piecemeal things together"
Busch Consulting

"should be a good fit in most SMBs"

"Since CSP can restore applications as well as files, it should compare favourably against the files-only near-CDP offered by Microsoft Data Protection Manager and Symantec's Continuous Protection Server."
Byte & Switch

"The vaulting technology was important for us from a disaster recovery standpoint. And it's multithreading, so [it] can run up to eight backups at once. Restoring applications and operating systems from a bad server used to take more than 24 hours; with the RRS box, it takes about an hour. And I don't spend nearly the time maintaining backups as I was before."

"Unitrends enters the data protection scene just as interest in next-generation data protection is rising...from an SME perspective. This, along with a compelling, integrated product bundle, suggests the company will find many ears willing to listen to its Rapid Recovery story."
The 451 Group

"Unitrends has offered a compelling argument for the system it is selling."
Forrester Research

"Unitrends has unveiled an upgrade...aimed at the small-to-midsize business market that's designed to allow companies to restore servers from almost any point in time right down to the operating system."

"You're hitting people at a key pain point; we're seeing the mid-market moving to electronic vaulting services, providing them with peace of mind."
The InfoPro

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